Land Rover Obsession | Introducting: Coolnvintage

Coolnvintage celebrates the art of journey, as they bring vintage Land Rovers back to life.

"I first tasted real freedom in one, a Series 3. It was then as it is now: simple, honest, utilitarian, timeless. A physical embodiment of what is possible if only we can imagine it" -Ricardo.

When you drive a vintage Land Rover – even one spec’d beyond factory original as are all of ours -- you have to separate what’s important from what’s not, an ability to live the signal and lose the noise.

The quiet comes from inside your own head.

And what’s in front of you.

You leave the iPhone at home. Or you take it, but turn it off. Whatever you need to take care of, you do it before you hop in, because now everything – everything – is about the journey, however you define it.

Not a bad metaphor for how to live life, is it?