Over the coming months we will be showcasing a number of music acts, artist and board riders that we believe to possess the true essence of creative talent. For the introduction to what will be known as “Hypher tracks” (an ongoing feature to the Hypher supply blog), we will venture to Haiti to meet the one and only Kaytranada.

Some of you may have been fortunate enough to catch him in early 2014 for the Future Music Festival that toured the cities of Australia or even more recently at the revamped Beyond The Valley Festival held in our hometown, Phillip Island, where the Hypher culture found its beginnings.

For those who aren’t familiar with the man behind the name he’s a 22yr old born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and was raised in Quebec, Canada where at the age of 14 he learnt to DJ and by the age of 15 he learned to produce after his brother showed him the production program FL Studio.

With musical influences from the likes of Michael Jackson, The Roots, J Dilla and Madlib, it’s pretty hard for your ears to not prick up!

After dropping his Teedra Moses – Be Your Girl Remix in 2013 with that low end kick the uplifting ambience and then the all of a sudden stunning vocals of Teedra you are immediately sucked into the song wanting more, that is then followed by bouncy high hats and the faint click all forming into a song you can really bob your head too, oh and don’t forget about the clap all of this will leave you singing along and bouncing to every bar.

Now onto his incredible addition of Aluna Georges - Kaleidoscope Love, starts of with that low end kick (you will become very familiar with) and that bouncy plucked bass which leads to a real fluent song that just roles seamlessly and then of course Aluna, she comes in with her captivating almost enchanting voice, which makes for another incredible head bopper and a Hypher its what we do.

The Hypher song of the week goes to Kaytranada’s song Leave Me Alone (Feat. Shay Lia).

Straight off the bat you get a flat kick with a shaker and 8 bars in it hits you the very soft but very alluring voice of Shay and the beautiful keys of the piano all leads up to an incredible build up and bang, you’re hypnotized.

There’s no going back and you can tell something amazing is about to happen and sure enough it does.

The rippling sounds of the wobbled bass with the common click completely overwhelm you, it embraces you and that’s it, you are hooked.

We are still waiting on the release of Kaytranada’s album “Kaytrathomas”,  till then check out his Soundcloud at