Olympic Ayres

For this weeks installment of “Hypher Tracks” we’re taking it back to a 70’s feel with Sydney based duo “Olympic Ayres.” Many may be familiar with their massive hit “Magic” which featured on the FIFA 14 Soundtrack.

Drawing inspiration from bands and people such as Clubfeet, Panama, Worlds end Press, and Hayden James, these lads are proving they have what is takes to make it in Australia’s thriving Nu-Disco scene.

The guys have dropped a number of EP’s over the years featuring songs such as; Daylight, The View, and Magic.

In late 2013 the duo won the Triple J Unearthed competition to play at the 2014 Field Days Event on New Years Day in Sydney.
The guys then went onto release the song "Take Flight" that transformed into the 6 track EP “Leisureplex”.

Synths, drums, and keys are the driving force throughout their playlist. When asked about “Leisureplex”, the boys noted, “we didn’t quite look to any specific bands as such, more sounds. Lots of live drumming and bass. For the first time we used a live drummer on every track, no programmed beats.”

Stand out songs that we think the Hypher listeners will enjoy include;

1)Take Flight. Starting off with a very chilled drum kick and a funky guitar lick, which is followed by the very dreamy, very calm, almost soothing vocal melodies.

2)Sunshine. Hypher’s track of the week makes you think 70’s disco/funk with the funky guitar riffs, synth keys, and catchy lyrics “I’ve been waiting for that sunshine, for that sunshiiiinnneee”.